How We Get the Results

That Others Only Claim To!

Perform DDS owes much of it’s success to its ability to focus you, the practitioner, on what is MOST important and to develop permanent solutions.

Successful marketing

for dentists is not a one-size-fits-all solution.

You need the right strategy, tools, methods, and marketing that will allow you to implement an overarching campaign in a way that’s better, faster, and more effective than your competitors’.

Our team of experts will help you take your practice to the next level. We emphasize a team approach to your marketing campaigns and practice growth goals. Working closely with you and your team, David and his team will closely monitor marketing and practice performance to help you grow your practice faster and better.

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Perform DDS:

A personalized coaching system to make dental ownership easier

A comprehensive exam for
your practice

Learn more about where you have been and what is possible to achieve with our practice analysis process. We gather reports and compile the best practice analysis tool in the industry. This tool benchmarks your progress thus far,
highlights the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities of your business. We are consistently called by all major banks and credible brokers to evaluate practices for the lenders in an effort to reduce the risk to their borrowers. We use this analysis as the launching point for our consulting. After completion, you will know more about your practice than you ever have, and we will have a roadmap forward!

Personal coaching

This is where we shine! We meet with you and your staff, either in person or online, to evaluate your past performance, discuss your goals and create a personalized plan to increase employee awareness,
accountability and overall office
productivity. We put that plan into place one step at a time, focusing on patient care, communication and accountability. We believe that by creating an
environment where EACH employee knows exactly what is expected from them, and providing them the tools to succeed, any practice can get to the next level of success.

System implementation

We install measurable systems in which each member of the team becomes
conscious of their performance.
By installing dental management SYSTEMS we create the ability to replicate our ‘best of breed’ performance and to deliver top-tier service. This program allows you the owner to have confidence that every area of your practice will be operated in a clear, concise and
consistent manner.


We will help you assess and see where you to focus and create a plan to see results in:

new patient acquisition

systems development

team development

leadership development and vision planning

hygiene optimization

production and case acceptance

patient retention

practice metrics reporting (dashboards)

financing and collections