Dental Practice Management Consultant

For 15 years our Dental Practice Consultant have been making the dreams of its clients become a reality:

Increasing practice growth and revenue, while reducing stress levels.

At PerformDDS, our dental management solutions help dental consultant owners attract more patients, create more profitable clinics, and improve internal operations by helping you see and improve the limiting factors of your clinic’s true potential. We go well beyond simply growing your patient numbers and revenue – our proven solutions rooted in team accountability allow you to optimize your practice while focusing on
what you do best: THE DENTISTRY!

Getting Started 

Dental Management Consultant

Our Approach to Dental Practice Management Consultant & Profitability

Our team of experienced dental practice consultant has worked with many dentists over the last 15 years, and at the core of our belief system is your work-life balance. We believe that you deserve more – a healthy, happy life and a successful practice! However, for most dental consulting owners, this balance seems out of reach. You are preoccupied with providing the highest possible quality of care while also ensuring that your clinic’s marketing and business operations are running smoothly. We understand the core challenges practice owners face:

  • Having time to treat patients properly
  • Manage the business and the growth of the practice
  • Maintain a work/home balance

At times it can seem that all these important tasks cannot be done well. This leads many dentists to feel run down, discouraged, stressed out, and unhappy. Rather than struggle on and on for years, recognize that you cannot do it all, and the good news is that you don’t have to. We are here, and we’ve solved your challenges 1001 times before.

We don’t just offer generic dental management consultant services – We will personalize and customize solutions for you – resulting in less stress and increased revenue.

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All of our packages manage in varying degrees of necessity:

new patient acquisition

systems development

team development

leadership development and vision planning

hygiene optimization

production and case acceptance

patient retention

practice metrics reporting (dashboards)

financing and collections

We have many dental management consulting packages to suit the core challenges practices face, but we invite you to take a look at our most common package The 6-Month Perform Practice.

This package is the most cost-effective and shows you growth in the least amount of time.
You will experience profound changes within your practice as early as month two.

The 6-Month Perform Practice.

  • Meeting 1 Booths / Introduction to Perform to the entire team
  • Meeting 2 Standards of Care / Breakdown work with the entire team
  • Meeting 3 Head-Behavior-Results / Continued work with the entire team
  • Meeting 4 Front Office Team: Recall / Confirmation overview
  • Meeting 5 Goal Setting and Sharks Tooth / Continued work with the entire team
  • Meeting 6 The New Patient Experience and Exam / Continued work with the entire team
  • Meeting 7 Area of Perform Emphasis: i.e. STM / Working with Hygienists
  • Meeting 8 The One-Act Play / Working with Hygienists
  • Meeting 9 Case Presentation / Financial Arrangements with Front Office Team
  • Meeting 10 New Patient Generation / Continued work with the entire team
  • Meeting 11 AM Huddle / Score Keeping / Continued work with the entire team
  • Meeting 12 The Perform DDS Summary


  • Summary of personalized strengths and weaknesses
  • Introduction of the Perform DDS Maintenance Program
  • Addresses specific points of your practice in more detail, with next-steps tools and tips
  • We will show the advantages of a digital dashboard now that you are well set-up
    so you don’t feel lost when it comes to your practice goals and key metrics
Fees for all of this? We don't make you guess or try to get you on the phone just to
answer this -- we know what we offer will be a drop in the bucket
when compared with your increased revenue and reduced stress.
  • $1,900 per month, no contracts, 2 online meetings per month for 6 months (A monthly $500 discount is offered when used in conjunction
    with Perform DDS Everything Marketing)
  • After 6 months the client may choose to transition to ‘Perform DDS Practice Maintenance”, a customized program with one online meeting
    per month for $1100, which includes our digital dashboard for practice metrics now that you’re set up and running smoothly on all cylinders.