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Patient Experience Begins in the Waiting Room

Even though it can be said that the patient’s experience begins even before the patient arrives in the waiting room, what happens there strongly sets the tone for the patient’s overall experience. Make a positive impression with your waiting room. It is vital, and although it may seem minor — it’s not to be overlooked!,

August 2, 2022 2:02 pm | Category: Communication

Social Media Marketing and Your Practice

Along with your excellent services — and the great care of your staff — as being powerful vehicles to promote your dental practice, social media channels are also where your patients spend their time and share their life — and see what local entities have to offer. If you’re still wondering if social media is,

July 2, 2022 7:00 pm | Category: Communication

Raise Your Team’s Self-Esteem

Having employees with high self-esteem and confidence has a direct impact on their job satisfaction and performance. In fact, those with healthy, strong self-esteem are typically able to focus better, need less time off, and generally get along well with coworkers. Here are some ways to instill confidence in your team members. In a book,

April 2, 2022 3:03 pm | Category: Communication